Animals Deserve to Have Rights

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Animals Deserve To Have Rights Animals Deserve To Have Rights Animal Rights is a growing social issue that many people do not understand. There will always be mixed views about the rights and humane treatment of animals. Some people against animal rights claim that nonhumans cannot possibly possess rights. If this were correct it does not give the right for animals to be treated inhumanely. There are many laws regulating the treatment of animals but ultimately it comes down to one question that each person must answer for themselves. Do animals have rights? I believe the answer is yes. Animals have the ability to think, feel and make decisions. They also have the right not to be treated just as property. Animals have the ability to think, feel and make decisions. It has been said that animals by nature are not moral and do not possess any free will. They cannot tell right from wrong and cannot reflect on their actions. Their actions are just a way of conditioning. However Animals do have the ability to rationalize even though their brains are not set up like humans, but they tend to act more on instinct than rationalization. As featured in Short News, Iggy the 240 lb. potbelly pig risked his life to save his family from a burning home. In the event of animals being raised for food, Animals kept in dark rooms and close confinement result in being bored, fearful and frustrated. This undue stress can cause an animal to go from being so scared that they will not move, eat or even drink to the extreme of cannibalism. This is all based on their feelings and the decisions they make to die or stay alive. Animals have the right to not be treated as just a piece of property. By law animals in most cases are considered to be simply property based on humans having total control of their care and needs. Owners have the right to trade sell or will their property at any

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