Animal Testing is Useless

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Billions of dollars are spent each year funding medical research that has been proven to be ineffective. There are technologically advanced methods of conducting medical research rather than animal testing. However, animal testing continues to be one of the most popular methods used today. Is it right for an animal to be tortured, in order for a human’s headache to be relieved in less than thirty minutes? Animal testing is ineffective, extremely expensive, and completely inhumane. Firstly, animal testing is proven to be ineffective, however it continues to be practiced regularly. Animal testing isn’t just impractical, it is also dangerous. Ninety percent of medications approved for humans after being tested on animals are later proved to be ineffective, or even harmful to humans (Overton 1). A very large percentage of tests conducted on animals have been proven to be futile. Often funding is put into animal testing, but the results do not correlate with human beings. Scientists have given great amounts of their time and effort attempting to find cures for cancer in rodents, but so far have been unable to imitate human cancer in any animal or even come close to finding a cure (Overton 1). Most diseases are unique to a specific species, and this is why using animals to test human medications usually fails. Animal testing has also been proven to be very inaccurate. In the past, animal tests established penicillin as a deadly drug, and asprin to be dangerous (Overton 1). Neither drug is dangerous to human beings, but they were believed to be due to improper testing methods. Therefore, animal testing is ineffective because results found in animals differentiate from those found in humans. Secondly, animal testing costs the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars each year; money that can certainly be put to a better use. To this day, this industry has spent vast

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