Should Animals Be Used to Scientific Testing?

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Animals have been used a lot over the last decade. Many successful medical cures for fatal diseases including with advances in understanding and treating serious flus have relied greatly on animals testing. However, many people throughout the world still do not accept animal testing due to its cruelness and inhumanness. Because development in medical treatments, cosmetics, and health care products is essential, I believe that the use of animals for research is necessary. It is true that now a days science and technology has developed and has gone a lot further that we could set up many substitutes for animal testing, but still it is not 100% replaceable with the actual animal. Scientists could study some types of effects on a petri dish of a cell culture, but these cell cultures are not useful when it comes to observing the systems and the organs that cells do not have. Observing the side effects of these drugs requires the systems in the body to carry the medicine around to each part of the body. Moreover, some organs that needed to be observed are not available in the cell culture. For example, the eyes, scientists could not tell if the medicine will cause blindness if they do not use animals on testing. Not only humans that benefit from these animal testing but animals themselves benefit from it too. Animal testing treated a lot of animal species from many deadly diseases using vaccines that are tested on them before. It also saved many types of animal species that are at risk from extinction. These vaccines have cured many sick animals back to normal and likewise enhanced their health in many ways. A successful vaccine that is tested on an animal could save and improve thousands and millions of lives, so why should we not do it? Opponents might say that animal testing is cruel and inhumane, but these animals are already a part of the nature’s food
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