The Impact Of Drilling In ANWR

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There is not anything wrong with drilling for oil in ANWR. This is a topic being seen in the news more and more, and no one knows the facts on this. The drilling for oil in ANWR will have no negative that it was going to cause a major problem with the migration and population of the caribou herds. This however, was not a fact,the caribou population has flourished from 3,000 to 32,000 since the pipeline has been in place. Today if one goes down by the pipeline he and she will see caribou standing next to the pipeline warming up by the radiant heat coming off the pipe. (Source 2) The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) was developed in 1980 by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act. ANWR is located east of Prudhoe Bay on…show more content…
Not only will the massive amounts oil produced from this area have an effect, it is estimated to create anywhere from 250,000-735,000 jobs. Just for a reference as to how much this will boost the economy, since 1977 the North Slope oil development has pumped 500 billion dollars back into the economy. This is now slowly running out of resources considering it reached its peak production in 1980; however to continue boosting the economy more exploration needs to be done. (source 2) Action needs to be taken immediately because from the date of approval to exploration it takes anywhere from 7-12 years until the first barrel of oil is recovered. (Source 1/3) The 16 billion barrels of oil that lie untapped there would be more than enough to replace the oil Americans would purchase from Iraq for over 58 years. (Source 6/2)With our growing dependency on foreign oil increasing more and more every day, we can not afford to wait any…show more content…
To put this in perspective leasing the land alone will generate almost 2 billion dollars not including the permits that would have to be bought. The natives of Alaska support the development of this land a lot more than the green organizations lead us to believe. The development of ANWR would add 2 million more barrels a day to Alaska’s production. Green energy production is doing a lot more damage to the wildlife than putting in a oil rig would do. The wind turbines kill thousands of protected eagles and bats each year. In California 10,000 eagles, hawks, and other birds are killed each and every year. This is one of those facts that the green team likes to hide. Instead they want to build 133 of the giant (390 feet) wind turbines in an area 16 times the size of the proposed area of ANWR. The wind turbine area in Wisconsin is a lushes marsh, home to millions of geese, ducks, and dozens of other migratory birds not to mention just down the road from a abandoned mine housing about 140,000 bats. This is not at all a environmental friendly source of energy. (Source

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