And Essay About How Has Stanley Changed in the Book Holes

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Holes Essay The introduction: Holes is a book about a boy named Stanley who is send to Camp green lake because he was accused of stealing a pair of trainers that belonged to Clyde Livingston. But after all Stanley’s luck turns round to him……. The essay: Just before Stanley came to camp he was a normal kid, who’s family were cursed by Madam Zeroni, for his no-good-old -pig-stealing-great-great grandfather had make a promise to Madam Zeroni that he would carry her to the top of the mountain to let her drink out of the stream of water; in exchange for a pig. He was to bring the pig to the top of the mountain everyday and sing the song Madam Zeroni taught him to the pig. When the pig became fat he was to bring madam Zeroni up the mountain and have her drink from the stream and sing the song to her but he had forgotten and went to live in America. Never did the Stanley’s family believe in the curse, but one day Stanley was hit by a pair of sneakers falling from the highway above, Soon Stanley was accused of stealing the pair of sneaker’s because the sneakers belonged to sweet feet (someone famous) and he was sent to Camp Green Lake to dig holes that where five feet deep and five feet wide, as it was believed to build character. At the beginning of the novel, we find out early that Stanley is overweight, because it is mentioned that, "He was overweight and the kids at school often teased him about his size." Because of this, he is very sensitive and self-conscious. Later on in the book we discover that Stanley has lost a lot of weight we know this because Louis Sachar writes, "A couple of months ago, He would never have been able to fit through the door”. This shows that his experiences with digging holes and eating smaller meals from cans have made him fitter and this is shown in the scene where Stanley run’s away from camp to look for Zero in

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