Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Ancient Egyptian Culture Have you ever seen the movies that take place in the Ancient Egyptian times? Do you think any of the films have true or false information about the Egyptians? In my opinion I think most of it is false information. For example, mummies really do not come back alive and try to hurt people. Have you ever wondered how the Ancient Egyptians lived or what kind of clothing they wore? Maybe you want to know what type of food they prepared for their meals. What kind of education did the Egyptians have in that time period? The writing, religion beliefs, and what mummification is, that is just some of the things I am going to explain. The Ancient Egyptians had a type of writing called hieroglyphs, which means “sacred carvings” (“Writing”). The hieroglyphs had to be written in a certain way in order to read them. That order is in columns from left to right (“Writing”). There were two purposes for hieroglyphic writing. The first is for religious purposes and the second reason is to write messages in the tombs of the pyramids (“Writing”). The Egyptians have a second writing called hieratic. Hieratic is used for everyday writing, and is easier to write than the hieroglyphic writing (Writing). The Egyptians would use papyrus to write the hieroglyphs on. Papyrus is a type of plant that grows in the marshes in the Nile (Chrisp 21). The Egyptians took the inner core of the papyrus plant and made it into a sheet of paper (Chrisp21). Their pens were made from reeds, and the ink that they used was soot or charcoal mixed with gum (Chrisp 21). Jean Francois Champolion was the one who deciphered the Hieroglyphs in the Ancient Egyptian times (Agnese 34). Religion was very important to the Ancient Egyptians, and had a lot of influence on their daily life (“Religion”). Egyptians resisted change in their culture, because of the strong
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