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Presentation on Kemet January 17, 2012, in R.J. Reynolds Building, Dr. Elwanda D. Ingram, an English Professor, presented a speech to African-American Culture classes. Dr. Ingram presented a speech on Kemetic blacks, black history, and the city of Cairo in Egypt. Kemet, which means “Land of the Blacks”, were helpful to civilization today. Kemetic people started “culture”, and in Egypt, where they were lived, was the birthplace of literature. Kemetic people created paper and ink, and also created their own language called hieroglyphics. To the Kemetic people, everything was centered on spiritualty, which was very important to them. Another point that Dr. Ingram mentioned was “Before there was history, there was Black History.” This quote is major and has a great meaning. Day to…show more content…
Ingram’s speech was delivered perfectly. She projected very well and the whole lecture hall was able to understand all she had to say. She also moved around the room instead of standing in one spot and kept the audience engaged with the two pictures she bought. The pictures on the slide added to the presentation, because it was nice to see her journey in Egypt and also the structure of the pyramids. When asked questions, she answer them perfectly and it gave the audience a better understanding of the topic. The whole speech was put together perfectly. Dr. Ingram flowed from one topic to another without jumping all over the place. The speech was exciting and not boring. She kept the class up and interested in the topic. Dr. Ingram’s word choice was great as well. If I had to grade Dr. Ingram on her presentation, I would give her an A because not only was she engaging with the audience, she made it interesting. Everything that was presented was easy to understand, and if she used an unfamiliar word, she made sure we knew what it meant. Dr. Ingram inspired not only me, but the other students to want to take a trip to Egypt one day, and experience the same adventures that she

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