Analytical Paper On Domestic Terrorism

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Analytical Paper on Domestic Terrorism By: Phillip Griffin Over the past few years a new threat has been encountered by the United States. This threat does not come from away, but from within. It is known as domestic terrorism. This has been seen over the past decade in the form of violence and terrorism across the United States. This has become a threat to American security and the American people in general. To battle against this issue, Congress has upheld the Anti-Terrorism Act in 1996. One of the best examples on examining these acts of uproar can be viewed, seen and understood by studying the case of the Oklahoma bombing which occurred in 1996. Major newspaper headlines have also described the World Trade Center bombing, the Unabomber’s arrest, and Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta as other major cases. All this demonstrates how sinister1 terrorism is in American society. This paper will explain background data on anarchy/terrorism, case studies including the Oklahoma bombing, and the government’s reaction toward terrorism. A number of terrorist attacks in the 1990s have brought the fear to the public, giving rise to vulnerability2 between many Americans. Most terrorist incidents in the United States have been bombing attacks, involving detonated and undetonated explosive devices, tear gas and pipe and fire bombs. The effects of terrorism can cause loss of life and injuries to property damage and disruptions in services such as electricity, water supply, public transportation and communications. The dictionary defines terrorism as “ n. the policy of using acts to inspiring terror as a method of ruling or of conducting political opposition”. Though terrorism can be expressed in two ways. Domestic terrorism involves groups or individuals whose terrorist acts are directed at situations of our government or population without unknown ways.

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