Homeland Security: The Threat To The Department Of Homeland Terrorism

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Since September 11, 2001, the United States has had many changes to its security and its focus on who is a threat to it. The government created a department called homeland security and its whole purpose is to protect, prevent, and recover from terroristic or any type of threats America is given. As people may have noticed, airports and other things involving the risks of other people’s lives have gotten more difficult to get through. They have introduced new methods to point out if there is any kind of threat whether it be bombs or weapons used to put people in danger. It’s a very serious job that the people that run these checkpoints are very pains taking and very accurate at what they do. One of our main focuses is al-Qaeda, a terroristic group that has organized many threats to the United States and has been successful in some cases.…show more content…
That’s homeland securities main purpose. They also are dealing with all types of hazards. Whether they are terroristic, man-made, or natural, they are always there to protect the citizens in harm’s way. Homeland security is not the same thing as the Department of Homeland Security. The concept of homeland security has evolved over the last decade. This department is derived of over 240,000 people and is the combination of 22 different federal departments and agencies. It’s helped with many different catastrophes like wildfires and hurricanes. America has been safer and more alert of attacks since the creation of this department. One of the defining features of terrorist acts has always been a component of
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