Analysis Of The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich

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A short story by Louise Erdrich entitled “The Red Convertible” is about the relationship between two Native American Indian brothers. Told by Lyman, who is a Chippewa Indian that lives in that reservation on North Dakota, he remembers that he was the first person to drive a convertible on that reservation. And it was red. He and his brother owned this convertible together, and at this time Henry, the brother, had possession of the car. Henry is called into the military and returns home for Christmas just before going overseas. While Henry is gone Lyman works on that convertible and tries to do repairs on it. Three years later Henry arrives back home restless and in horrible condition. He was very jumpy and mean. This would be considered now as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and at the time nobody knew how to truly help him with his problem especially on the reservation. Lyman gives Henry the convertible to hopefully cheer Henry up somehow. And from there Henry makes repairs and improves a tad bit. Henry finally finishes and asks Lyman if he’d like to take a ride with him in the car. Before their departure their little sister took pictures of them, and when translated into the…show more content…
Most of the time people are diagnosed with PTSD on a higher scale. A lot of the times people do not even notice that people around them have PTSD. Whether young or old, if you experience some sort of traumatic event you are likely to receive PTSD. Medications can come in handy for a lot of the patients and sometimes even the smallest thing as family support can be the cure to get over any symptoms. In the case of my friend Alyssa, she has overcome PTSD even though she can recall the day of her event just as it was yesterday. And Yvette, she has possibly years to come before she has a great chance of being diagnosed, because once she is sent overseas she will be about fifty percent more likely to be

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