Short Story 'The Red Convertible'

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"The Red Convertible" 1.) In the red convertible, the plot centers around two brothers. In the beginning of the story the two brothers both buy a red convertible and travel across the United States freely. Once they arrive back home from their long exciting journey however. One of the brothers named Henry receives a letter from the United States Government stating that he has been drafted into the Marines due to the Vietnam war at the time. In the middle of the story Henry returns home from the war. Once home, It is apparent to the family and Henry's brother Layman that Henry has changed. Henry isn't the same man he was when he left for the war, Henry is quiet, angry, paranoid, and never stationary. This brings conflict into the story, Lyman struggles to awaken his brothers old self by trashing their beloved red convertible in an attempt to get his brother Henry to return to his normal self. In the story, the material is not exactly arranged in chronological order. The main protagonist has a number of flashbacks within the short story. These flashbacks serve as a reflection and sheds some light on Lyman's and his brothers experiences, closeness, and attitudes. The effect that is achieved through this organization of the plot is that it grants the readers and insight into the actions, personalities, and emotions of each of the bothers. This allows the reader to…show more content…
It grants the reader a glimpse into the brothers personalities, traits, and morals. Firstly ,without "the place under the willows" conveys the freedom of the brothers trip, symbolizing the open terrain, freedom to travel, and having all the time in the world to stop and enjoy their travels without restraint. Secondly, without "taking Susy home to Alaska" the reader would not be shown the two brothers kind heartedness. It would also give the reader a

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