Family in Two Soldiers and the Stone Boy

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Family is by definitions “parents and their children, considered as a group”. However, having a strong family goes beyond just bearing each other’s existences. This is shown in the short stories “Two Soldiers” by Faulkner, and Berriault’s “the Stone Boy”. Both Faulkner and Berriault show contrasting family relationships through characterization. Pete and the narrator’s family in “Two Soldiers” is good examples of what make strong family. When Pete tells his younger brother that he is going to war, the narrator expects to go with him asking, “all right… When we gonna start?” The narrator is so close to his brother the two did everything together. He cannot even imagine life without Peter. After telling his little brother of his plan to join the army, Pete tells his mother and father. When his mother hears this news, she is devastated and breaks out into tears. However, come morning,. “Maw wasn’t crying now. She just looked grim and busy packing Pete’s grip…” Even though it hurts her to let her son go to the war, Pete’s mother accepts the fact that this is something that Pete just has to do. She puts her emotions to the side to allow Pete do what is right in his heart. After Peter’s departure to Memphis, his little brother is still desperate to be with him. He wants to be with Peter so bad that he walks “Them twenty-two miles, all the way to Memphis”. The narrator demonstrates how important being with his brother is to him. The narrator walks a distance considered lengthy even for adults. He is willing to push himself out of the comfort of his own world to go to an unknown city and join his brother. In contrast to the first story’s family, the family in “the Stone Boy” is more dysfunctional. After the death of their eldest son Eugie, the entire family becomes chaotic and slowly breaks apart. When Arnold is sent to the sheriff’s office, his uncle Andy was

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