All My Sons - Arthur Miller

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It is early on August 5, 147, the wind is howling and the sound of thunder and lightning comes crashing down on the mid-west USA home of the Keller’s. Kate Keller awakens from a bad dream to hear the storm, however, she doesn’t just lie there and listen or get up and look outside like most people, and instead she goes right into the storm. While outside she witnesses the apple tree in her back yard get struck by lightning and collapse to the ground. This upsets Kate a lot, as that was not just any apple tree; it was the memorial tree for her late son Larry who was lost at war and who she was dreaming about that night. The dream and storm that night was just a sign of what was to come next. The play All My Sons written by Arthur Miller is set in a Mid-West American town in the 140’s. The thematic intensions of the play evolve from a true story which occurred in WWII; a man who struggles with the pressure of making money and dealing with ethical and personal responsibilities. Joe Keller a wealthy businessman knowingly shipped out faulty cylinder heads to the navy, which lead to the death of many soldiers and the arrest of his deputy manager Steve Deever and himself. Joe sacrificed his honour in his struggle to make his family wealthy and strong as Joe denied his part in the shipment and blamed it all on Steve. Three and a half years later everything is coming back to haunt Joe, including truth behind his son Larry’s disappearance during the war. Director John Cooper revived the intense Arthur Miller classic and made it into an exciting production full of high emotion and great acting. The play All My Sons deals with two plot twits, Chris Keller the son of Joe and Kate has invited his brother Larry’s old fiance to the house so that he can marry her. However, before that is to happen they must convince Kate who still strongly believes Larry is still alive, that he
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