Raisin In The Sun Character Analysis Essay

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Taylor Jenkins Independent Novel Test 6th period Feburary 7th 2013 Raisin in the Sun The character Walter is a very greedy and cowardly, his father has passed away recently and he wants to spend his father inheritance money. He wants to invest the money in a liquor store and have a partner or a friend go in on the deal with him to help him out. His family is affected greatly by this because all they want to do is have a better lifestyle and move out of the projects. He has a son named Travis, a wife named Ruth and a sister named Beneatha. His mother lives with them in their apartment and far as Walter knows is that his mother will be receiving the money and giving it out how she wants to. He is so determined to get his liquor store that he goes in to his own world and doesn’t care about…show more content…
He gets very selfish and his relationship with his family starts to get very bad. He begins to argue with his sister Beneatha more about the money thinking that he’s all a sudden biggity and their mother steps in and makes them come to their senses . His personality changes and he becomes this man with dreams of getting rich and hanging with the whites in bars downtown, sitting outside on their restaurant patios. “mama when im downtown and I pass them cool ,quiet looking restaurants where them white boys are sitting back talking bout things…sitting their turning deals worth millions of dollars… sometimes I see guys don’t look much older.”Pg.74 Walter is thinking of all these plans and things he wants to do but does he know that some places are segregated and that him sitting talking about millions of dollars and deals isn’t gonna get him nowhere in life. He looks at everything different now that money is involved, he even thought about
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