Aminata Reaction

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1 In The Book of Negroes an 11 year old girl named Aminata gets captured. She feels scared and frightened of what her next move is supposed to be. Aminata’s mom fights off all the captors to protect her daughter from getting taken away, but fails to do so. And both Aminata’s mother and father die. What would your reaction be? And what would you do if you were in Aminata’s situation? My reaction of when Aminata got captured and when she witnessed her own parents being killed would be anger, disappointment, and revenge. These would be my reactions because these are the first types of instincts people have in this type of situation. Angry would be my first reaction because the captors have killed the two most important people in the world that…show more content…
What types of emotions filled your heart? One emotional moment that filled my heart was when Fanta decided to kill her own baby and Sanu’s baby. I felt bad for Sanu because she was a quit character in the book and independent. It took courage for Sanu to jump out of the ship as soon as Fanta threw Sanu’s baby overboard, because as soon as the captors saw Sanu it the water they started shooting at her and basically committed suicide. 4 Aminata one day hopes that she returns back home to Bayo. What is Aminata’s meaning of home in the novel? And does Aminata’s meaning of “home” change throughout the book? During the beginning of the book Aminata considers her home to be in Bayo in Africa with her parents and other relatives. As the book moves on she starts to question and wonder if Bayo is really her one true home, or is it a place where everyone is inconsiderate about themselves. Aminata eventually becomes more comfortable and starts to adapt in different places and can consider them home, especially when she was on the boat. Aminata eventually realizes how different each place is to her and does not know where her true home is and has difficulty deciding which home is more in her
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