The Women of Brewster Place (a Novel in Seven Stories) by Gloria Naylor.

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The essay topic I chose to write about is Topic A. It is to write about two characters in the book The Women of Brewster Place (a novel in seven stories) by Gloria Naylor. The two characters I chose to talk about really caught my eyes while I was reading the novel. Before starting I just want to say that these women in this novel all have different problems that they face but they do not allow their problems to keep them from moving forward. The might have been stuck but they eventually got free and moved on in their lives to the Brewster Place. Brewster Place is the name of housing these people in the novel live in. The two characters I am going to write about are Mattie Michael and Lorraine Mattie Michael is the first story to be read in the novel it shows how she is befriended by this man named Butch Fuller and ends up sleeping with him and having a son with him. As readers read on we will see that Butch does not stay around and leaves her and her son. Her son’s name is Basil, as he gets older he becomes more and more mischievous. Basil, when he is older, gets into a lot of trouble. Basil Kills a man and is sent to jail. Mattie believes he did not do it and she fights for him, she even put her house on the line. Well, Basil flees and Mattie is stuck with no son and no home. Instead of her just dwelling on the situation she moves forward and moves to Brewster Place. When she moves there she ends up becoming a mentor to the other women who have or has it hard at the moment of coming to Brewster Place. Lorraine is one of the lesbians of the story called “The Two”, her partner is named Theresa, Lorraine is the one who cares about how people see and think about her and her sexuality. Meanwhile her lover, Theresa does not care at all. Lorraine is a kind and respectful school teacher. She tries her best to fit in the Brewster Place but a woman named

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