Human Service Scenario Analysis

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HUMAN SERVICE SCENARIO ANALYSIS Antonio Sanchez BSHS/322 11/7/2011 LAURA FRANCESCHI HUMAN SERVICE SCENARIO ANALYSIS Anna is a 34 year old Mexican woman who speaks Spanish and who suffers from depression and schizophrenia. Anna lives with her older sister Mary who has been caring for Anna because she was 14 years when their parents died in a car accident. Shortly after her parents’ funeral Anna went into depression and started developing mental health problems. Annas boyfriend Matt recently has ended their relationship. Anna found that he had been cheating on her with a close friend. She took the break up very bad. Anna tried to commit suicide by taking pills and cutting her wrist. Just now she claims to hearing voices inside her head, telling her to hurt others. One thing she hears the voice telling her to do is to kill her sister Mary. She convinced her sister is responsible for her relationship failing, because her sister did not like her boyfriend. She is upset with Mary because Mary told her that her boyfriend leaving her was for the best. Mary did not like Matt and thought that Anna could find a better man who would treat her better. So Anna has visions of murdering Mary by chocking her to death or pushing her down the flight of stairs at home. Anna’s other sister Rosa does not understand her illness. Anna’s family is from a strong Catholic culture, and they do not believe in depression and schizophrenia. They have not been able to help Anna has finally realized the seriousness of her problems and want to obtain help for Anna. Anna herself has realized that she is in need of medical attention and could not do this on her own. She wants to know what some of her treatment options are. She also wants to get her family involved in the healing process. Personal communication style we will be using will be assertive. I believe that Anna will be more at

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