Andrea Yates: A Psychopath Analysis

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Psychopaths are filled with emotion pain, loneliness, violence and social isolation. The emotional pain that psychopaths have may precede their violent criminal acts. Psychopaths like Andrea Yates think that the world is against them. Psychopaths like Andrea Yates also believe that they deserve special privileges or rights to help satisfy their desires. Andrea Yates had a couple different behaviors and beliefs that contributed to her being known as a psychopath. Andrea Yates was suffering from postpartum depression, she felt like she was an awful mother and she deserved punishment. The postpartum depression got worse with each child she had and she ended up having a total of five children. Andrea Yates was fond of the extremist sermons that travelling Minister Michael Woroniecki preached.…show more content…
She once told her brother that she thought that the devil was inside her. After Andrea Yates’ dad pasted away, her condition worsened and she had a new diagnosis which was schizophrenia. Later on in jail Andrea Yates was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When Andrea Yates murdered her children she drowns them in a bath tub one by one. She held the children under the water until they stopped fighting. Andrea said she was a bad mother and did not want to raise bad children. She was thinking that she was a bad mom and going to hell, and if she did not kill her children they would end up going to hell too ("Sympathy for the Devil", 2013). The combination of her physiological issues, what she believed religiously, and her actions made behaviors constitute

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