Explain Why Mary Committed Suicide

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Did Mary Commit Suicide? “A Life without fairness is always worth living; a life without significance isn’t “, that’s the way Mary lived her life. These are the reasons why I believe that Mary committed suicide. First, Mary must have been a very troubled woman if she thought killing herself was justified. I get the feeling that she was sick from before because of the fact that she killed her husband and went into hiding. I also sympathize with her because if my husband or any family member was brain dead I kind-of would’ve wanted to end their suffering too but at least stick around to do the time after, instead of running away like you planned it. Maybe while her husband was “dead” she snapped and just couldn’t take it anymore, standing around waiting for your loved one to die is just horrible, and maybe during that timing she just had a break down physiologically, and emotionally.…show more content…
Plus the fact that Crabbe was leaving and she didn’t want to face the loneliness again. Living in the bush for a little over a year by yourself is VERY boring and you’re definitely going to get lonely so I understand where she’s coming from. A lot of people get depressed when their lonely or sad, after she was assaulted I know she felt like crap like it was her fault and in that short space of time all of that negativity made her depressed, the best way she knew how to handle her emotions was so stop it permanently-by killing herself. Honestly I think that’s the cowards way of handling your emotions because I believe that when you die it’s not completely over, there’s another life that’s waiting to be lived and you’re going to have to deal with the situations that arise there. And they could be way worst then the situations we face in this

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