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“There is no happiness where there is no wisdom” (Choragos, scene 4) This line, spoken by Choragus suggests at Creon’s experience up to the deaths of his wife, Haemon, and Antigone. Through unwise naive actions, Creon causes himself great sadness because the people who he felt the closest to died. The whole mess started when Creon made an ignorant law against burying Polyneices, Antigone's brother, because Polyneicesbetrayed the city. Creon wasn’t his using wisdom when he declares that Polyneices can’t have a proper burial; he acted against the gods and the other citizens of Thebes's beliefs. After Creon’s law came to pass, Antigone then went ahead and buried her brother, believing she should follow the gods laws instead of her own king’s. Soon after, Creon finds out and sentences her to a stone cell. While in there, Antigone commits suicide and her fiancé Haemon, Creon’s son, finds her dead. As soon as he see’s his love dead he stabs himself so he wouldn’t have to live without her. After the news of those deaths reached Creon’s wife, she became so upset that she killed herself also. These three deaths all came to Creon because of his ignorant actions. If Creon had wisdom inside, he would of compromised with Antigone, causing not one of these deaths to take place. Creon would have much happiness in his life if he had wisdom. Now that his whole family died, Creon feels guilty for their deaths and will never achieve true happiness again. The “no happiness without wisdom” concept can be applied to all eras, even today’s. If people in this world didn’t have wisdom, there wouldn’t be any happiness in the world. “A man can never be too sure of anything” (Sentry, scene 2) Sentry speaks these words to Creon talking about the crime Antigone committed. Creon thinks that Antigone buried her brother, and sentry gives this advice stating that they don’t know who

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