Suicide In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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Kate Chopin in The Awakening shows significance of Edna’s suicide by having her death location at the same place as her awakening. Chopin writes the ending so ambiguous to highlight the fact that Edna drowns herself. Edna’s suicide results are attempts of her trying to choose the type of female that she wants to be in the society that she is in, which this leads to her defeat of her life to the sea. I feel that Edna finally surrenders herself to the sea. This would have been out of her frustration and pathetic state of her being. Her suicide is like a consequence of refusing to be the female role of society, or as they would call it, “Victorian Women”. Edna basically chooses death as an escape for her not being able to have independence. Edna seems to be stuck between certain females in her society. This is what creates isolation, lonely feelings to in the end due to her suicide. Madame Ratignolle’s childbirth sparks Edna’s suicide, which is an Ironic moment. Edna observed “with an inward agony, with a flaming, outspoken revolt against the ways id Nature, the scene of torture.” During this Edna tries to recall her own childhood but fails to do so. Than once Edna swims out far into the sea at the island, she is going to swim out far enough of no return, possibly. “To her…show more content…
An awakening should be the new spiritual light to start your life odd in the right direction. But for Edna it is the totally opposite. After Edna’s awakening Edna has realization to find reason to abandon the previous life she had already established. Chopin has Edna tries to decide whether family, marriage and social standings should be her priority. Or should art, independence an sexual love be her new priority. Edna seems to realize that she doesn’t desire to and will not submit to be becoming a Victorian women. But like always, Edna is unwilling to compromise with

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