Ocean Symbolism In The Awakening

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The Awakening by Kate Chopin puts an interesting perspective on the oppression of women. Some of the reasons behind the book being unnecessary are that, going into the ocean shows a strange way of showing her freedom. Also the ending makes the reader think that woman cannot survive on their own without men, which would make the moral to this story kind of cloudy. Lastly, it also seems unneeded that the narrator would relate the bird with the broken wing falling into the ocean to Edna’s plunge into the ocean that killed her. The ending to a book like this one must have a powerful well rounded end that this book seems to lack. The ocean is given a seductive trait that lures Edna into its embracement. This makes her seem like she is oblivious to what she is getting into which depicts her as being kind of ignorant or crazy. The ocean is a pointless place to go in order to get away from her family because the ocean serves as a barrier which cannot be passed. Going into the ocean and having her die makes women seem like they cannot survive on their own in life without man. Men have all of…show more content…
A bird with a broken wing is much more limited in its options, while a women sick of being oppressed by men can still survive and move on or leave the oppressive environment that she is in. The final passage in a book like this one needs to be powerful and convincing. In The Awakening the ending seems to leave the reader confused as to why Edna would drown herself just to get away from the oppression that she was being held under. There are too many opportunities to alter the ending to this book without make this a women’s rights book. This shows that the ending could have easily been left

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