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ON CLOSER ANALYSIS... 1. Explain Kit’s process of maturation in the novel. Kit leaves Barbados oblivious of the changes she was about to undergo, and the place she was about to be forced to start a new life in. She is still a naïve young girl and has no idea that her life in Barbados was a lot better than anything she could have in Connecticut. After a short while, she begins to become aware of what she must do, and tries half-heartedly to achieve what she must. The result is that she is not quite welcomed by her uncle, and the entire colony disapproves of her. After a while, she really opens her eyes and decides to work since she would have to do so anyway. When she meets Hannah Tupper, she then gains a new confidence, and is not so scared of the other people in the colony, though she still keeps her rebellious personality. Near the ending of the novel, we can really see Kit’s matured self. She makes definite decisions and sticks to them. She also is able to control herself, and not be so rash. Kit develops the patience and tolerance of the residents of the Puritan society of Wethersfield. 2. Hannah Tupper is a Quaker. Research and report on the Society of Friends and its beliefs, and its establishment in America. Does Hannah live up to the Quaker ideals? The Quakers believed that God was available to all people without meditation, or any other religious practices. They believed that Chris, instead of the Bible, was the word of God. As time passed, though, they began to accept the Bible’s word, and followed its guidance. They also did not believe in outward rites, and did not attend meetings like the puritans. They believed in a plain lifestyle, outward appearance and way of speech. The Quakers favored education, and founded many colleges and schools. The Quakers, now known as the Religious Society of Friends, moved to New England to spread their beliefs,

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