Why Mormons Should Leave Jews Alone Essay

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Why Mormons Should Leave Jewish People Alone Mormons were founded by Joseph Smith in upstate, New York during the 1820’s. After Smith’s death they followed Brigham Young to the Utah territory. Today’s Mormons or Latter Day Saints (LDS), they identify themselves as Christians, but are different from mainstream Christians. They follow not only the Bible, but the book of Mormon and other books written by their church. They believe in modern-day living prophets, and revelation. Mormons trace their origin from Joseph Smith in the 1820’s who at the age of 13 had a vision in the woods. In contrast, Jews are a religion that has existed for thousands of years. Jewish people accepted the Torah directly from G-d, when all other nations refused it. The Jewish people were given a day of atonement (Yom Kippur), directly by G-d, so there is no need to go through an imaginary man named Jesus (Yehoshua Ben Yosef) for anything. Jews have no need for others to convert to our faith, and it is very hard to convert to Judaism. Mormons feel others should cast away their beliefs and believe as if they are the only true way to G-d. Because of this, I believe Mormons should leave Jewish people alone, not try to convert, change families, or baptize dead Jews. First, the reason I believe they should leave Jewish people alone is because they force other people to believe in Christ. They come to my family’s house every Sunday, harassing my parents trying to get us to attend their church and trying to preach to us the book of Mormon when we don’t even want them to come to our house unless they’re invited. People will never find a Rabbi (Jewish teacher)

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