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Christian+university=? Author Brian J. Walsh makes a case for the modern day Christian lifestyle incorporated into college life. Integration obligation as he calls it is the purpose of the Inter-varsity Christian fellowship. It is the integration of biblical world views into all aspects of life and in this case, college. Walsh takes the idea of taking a Christian and adding him or her to the secular university. He says there are 4 different options. The first option is Christian+university=Christian+university. He calls this the isolationist option. Most Christian students Walsh says, see no real connection between their studies and their faith. There is isolation between faith and studies. Walsh explains how there is no Christian approach to papers and work. Another option that occurs because of some Christians feeling uncomfortable with an isolationist approach is a mixing of both. Walsh calls this Christian+university=A bit of both. Students rethink their faith and begin to modify their beliefs. Walsh finds this concept dangerous though, because he feels when it comes to studying the impact of god can be lost in translation. Walsh believes this approach could be the first step to the third possibility which is, Christian+ university= Non-Christian. The…show more content…
I understand the reasoning behind Walsh’s theory. I think I fall under the first option he talks about. Faith and school, I believe are two separate things but I also have a understanding of the other options. My intended major is business and at Montreat I think there is a little integration in classrooms. My teachers speak about faith, but it is separate from the actual work and is not the basis of the teachings. Even though our classrooms are based on faith I think it comes down to the student’s thoughts and feelings in the end of how they want to approach a Christian

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