Americans Should Be Allowed To Eat Essay

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Obesity in the United States is one of the major problems in today’s society. In the past decade, obesity rates and health issues of Americans has led to increasing health problems. Government regulating food industries would benefit concerned parents and overweight children. However, regulations on food may cause conflict with Americans who believe this issue is taking away their rights. Some concerned parents respect the government stepping in their daily lives by providing healthy meals for their children. After a long days work, parents will no longer have to worry about cooking a healthy home meal for their children, knowing they will be able to eat at a healthy fast food restaurant. Children will develop healthy eating habits and ultimately…show more content…
These parents believe that the government should not have a say in their diets, as this is a personal choice over which the government has no right to interfere. With beneficial effect on society, regulations on food may also create dispute among Americans who are concerned with their rights being invaded. Religious beliefs of eating certain foods may also be in conflict with government influencing what food Americans may consume. For example, citizens that are from India believe in abstaining from beef, some believe all meats, because the cow is symbolized as holy. If the government considers meats being significant in diets, this could cause arguments between citizens and the government. Also vegetarians could be included in this category. While a government mandatory diet is the best option to lowering the obesity rate, people are capable of making their own decisions, especially when it comes to food. If the government is allowed to put a person on a diet, it will not allow people to make decisions for themselves. The ultimate goal is to decrease the rate of obesity. There are several methods that can be benefited; the conflict is deciding which method is the most healthiest and agreeable among all
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