Allowing Freedom Within the Classroom

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Study Session #3 Learning Reports __________________________________ What is the most valuable concept learned in this study session: For me it had to be the need for me to allow more freedom to my students. I often try to create an environment full of fun, companionship with friends and have achievement but freedom is sometimes lacking thus quality is lacking. Why do you feel it is most valuable to you? I have been trained and have developed habits of wanting students to look to me for directives (i.e. going to the bathroom, sharpening a pencil, getting out of their seats, etc.). I think I am beginning to see that such “control” over them in fact takes freedom from them and quality from the whole environment. Do I trust them to make decisions for them selves? My first thought is it depends on the student but maybe I need to be more trusting before they become more responsibility? Briefly describe your experience in completing the Classroom Application Assignment. In this lessons application section I really wanted to try to demonstrate more “trust” (“freedom”) to my third graders. I wanted to see if it would help them become more responsible. I did sit down with the class to start and explained what I wanted to do. But I did tell them the amount of freedom would depend on both of us. I had to give them a chance and they could not abuse that chance. We gave it a three-day trial before we would discuss what had happened. I must say overall my students showed they could be trusted with “when they could use the restroom” and when they needed to sharpen their pencils” but a couple students did try to abuse it. It was a pleasant surprise to know I can trust them with such tasks that often frustrate me when students keep asking the same question over and over. As for the two students who broke the trust I had a talk
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