Reflection on the Adler and Van Doren’s “the Activity and Art of Reading”

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After reviewing the reading, we can make many assumptions about the authors’ argument. I think that this is quiet self-explanatory on the message the authors is arguing “that a teacher can help students, but the student “must do the learning.” you as a student can by taught many things but until you actually learn it or apply or are even able to explain it yourself then you have learned the concept applying to this concept there is quote in the book where it is said “Knowledge must grow in his mind if learning is to take place” (Adler and Van Doren; “The Activity and Art of Reading” page 8). I also think that the student has to put in the initiative to learn the concept themselves without the initiative of applying the concept you won’t ever learn the concept. Learning the concept is much like applying the concept of discovery that the Arthur was also referring to in the reading where it was mentioned in the quote “the learner acts on something communicated to him”. After the reading I see my role as a student as the learner or as the thinker which applies the concept that are being taught by the instructor. I can even see myself as being a resident which is learning from the doctor. Yet this concept of an instructor can be applied in two form: one being with the present/live teacher or two an absent teacher where a text book would take place of a live instructor. Both of these concepts are applied in our situation of taking online course where we have both a present and non-present instructor. We partially apply the concept of the live teacher/instructor when we participate with live chats for our course on a weekly basis and the non-present teacher/instructor which is our text book. The role the teacher(s) plays in learning is to communicate information to the learner which may also be referred to as “aided discovery” (Adler and Van Doren; “The Activity and Art

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