all one needs to know about getting a tattoo

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When one decides to get a tattoo, there is so much more to it then the design and place one wants to have it put on ones body Tattoos are getting more popular in today’s society, but before one goes down to get a tattoo there are a few things one needs to know. Getting a tattoo is more than a design it is a wound. It is made by penetrating ones skin with a needle and injecting ink into the area, usually creating some sort of design. The ink is not injected into the top layer of skin that one will continue to produce and shed throughout ones lifetime. Instead, the ink is injected into the second deeper layer of skin. Here is what one can expect from a normal tattooing procedure. First the tattoo artist will wash their hands with a germicidal soap. Then the area that is to be tattoo will be cleaned and disinfected. The tattoo artist will put on clean one time use throw way pair of gloves. They will then explain the sterilization procedure to the person getting the tattoo and open up the single-use, sterilized equipment (such as needles, etc.). Using a tattoo machine the tattoo artist will then begin to draw the outline of the tattoo under the skin. When finished the outline will be cleaned with antiseptic soap and water. The tattoo artist will next put thicker sterile needles on the machine for purpose of shading the tattoo. The tattoo will once again be cleaned and color will be added if one wants color. Any blood will be removed by a sterile cloth. The outcome is a beautiful tattoo that will once again be cleaned then covered with a bandage. Before that the tattoo artist will be working with a high quality stencil. The stencil is the most important step in getting the perfect tattoo! Most people do not realize that every tattoo design has a matching stencil. When one gets tattooed, the stencil is applied directly to ones skin. The tattooist will use a

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