Hand Scrubbing Lab Report

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Imani Morse Biol 130 February 4, 2015 Proferssor Klinora February 4, 2015 Lab Report “Effectiveness of Hand Scrubbing” INTRODUCTION: Microbes are present almost everywhere we go. They are present, at school, at home, on the bus, on the train, on door knobs, and especially in hospitals. As a result of that, healthcare professionals stress the importance of washing your hands, especially before clinical procedures. However, studies in hospitals show that hand washing rates average only 40%. PURPOSE: The purpose of this experiment was to evaluate hand washing and a surgical scrub. By completing this experiment, I learned that the proper water temperature with soap for a few minutes is the best way to wash your hands. Based on my knowledge on normal microbiota, I didn't expect the hand washing procedure with water to remove the bacteria off my hand. Therefore, I expected the water plate to have maximum growth. I also expected the soap plate to have minimum growth because that procedure included the soap-and-brush scrub. PROCEDURE: we had to select two nutrient agar plates, and label one plate “water” and label the other plate “soap”. The water plate is divided into four quadrants, and the quadrants are labeled 1-4. The soap plate is divided into five sections, and each section is labeled 1-5. Using the “water” plate first, I washed my hands without soap, and touched quadrant 1. I repeated this step until I had touched each quadrant. Then, using the “soap” plate, I washed my hands with soap, shook off the water and touched the first section. Then I washed my hands again using soap, and touched the second section. Next, I used a brush and soap to wash my hands for 2 minutes, and then touched the third section. Then I repeated the previous step, but instead of 2 minutes, I washed for 4 minutes. For the fifth section, I used hand sanitizer on my hands, and then
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