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For the following items, read each scenario and determine whether each technique was performed correctly or not. If not, explain what part of the technique the healthcare professional performed incorrectly, and how they should fix the problem. This portion of your final exam is worth 30% of your final grade. 1. Daniel provides home health care for Mr. Watson. One day, a candle in the bathroom catches a towel on fire and quickly spreads. Daniel rushes to the kitchen and grabs the fire extinguisher. He pulls the pin and breaks the seal. Daniel points the fire extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire and squeezes the handle. He then lifts the nozzle and aims it at the candle, delivering several blasts directly at the source of the fire. • Daniel should remember the PASS method of fire extinguisher use. He performed the first two steps correctly when he pulled the pin and aimed is at the base of the fire, however he needed to sweep the fire extinguisher from side to side while discharging the extinguishing agent, aiming at the base of the fire at all times. He also needs to keep watching the fire to check that it does not reignite. If it does, repeat the sweeping motion with the extinguisher. 2. Marcy needs to take her patient’s radial pulse. First, she washes her hands. She then introduces herself and explains the procedure to the patient. She places the patient into position and places her arm palm down. Next, Marcy finds the patient’s pulse on the wrist above the base of the thumb. Marcy applies a slight pressure with her first two fingers. She counts beats for one minute and documents the procedure. • Marcy performed this procedure perfectly but had one flaw. She needed to use the pads of her first three fingers, not two, to apply a slight pressure. 3. Carol needs to assist her patient, a paraplegic, into a sitting position in his

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