All Child Labor Is Unacceptable

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“All child labour is unacceptable.” (Stop Child Labour/ School is the best place to Work Campaign) Critically discuss this statement. How can child labour be defined? Child labour has many different definitions it can refer to children working in the home or outside the home. It can be paid work or non – paid work. The main concern about child labour is that the child has no social or legal representation to stand up for their rights. Child labour is work that endangers the life of the child and affects them emotionally or mentally. According to ILO figures (Schlemmer 2000) “over 100 million children under the age of fifteen worldwide are working”. In this essay I am going to divulge deeper into the definition of child labour and discuss the underlying causes of child labour by looking at specific country examples. I am going to discuss how this problem can be stopped and discuss in detail the title of the essay that child labour is unacceptable. In looking at this I will detect the advantages and disadvantages of child labour and with the disadvantages I will discuss the consequences of working at such a young age. The work that the children are doing is not the main problem; the main problem is the conditions under which they are doing the work itself. According to ILO (Schlemmer 2000), children who are at most risk are “children who are prematurely leading adult lives and working long hours for low wages, under conditions which are damaging to their health and to their physical or mental development.” It has got to be emphasised that there is a huge difference in children doing domestic chores for pocket money or helping out in a family business during the school holidays. This is good work that gives children a sense of responsibility and independence that helps them aspire in life. I am referring to work that is an exploitation of the child’s rights. Child
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