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No Child Left behind Act– Final Tonza Simmons ENG 122 English Composition II Prof. Nancy Segovia May 19, 2014 No Child Left behind Act– Final The No Child Left behind Act is a form of modern day segregation that is providing youth with hopelessness to achieve. This law is a way of holding the disadvantaged hostage to oppression for years to come, due to the lack of education and comprehension skills. I believe that this law was created without really understanding the needs of all children across America. This act was and is more about a political agenda verses the betterment of America's children. Authors, John W. Borkowski and Maree Sneed, Harvard Educational Review, v76 n4 p503-525 Win (2006) suggested, "that there may be some…show more content…
Many scholars have agreed through analyzing statistics that the No Child Left behind Act has not met its tended target since its conception. The government however still feels that the No Child Left behind Act is substandard for all students from all background. The government has implemented this act in order to gain wealth and control schools because if school districts don't meet their yearly goals of students passing the federal government fines the schools because they are receiving federal funding. The federal government also have educators fire because the students are not meeting the standard…show more content…
It has been proven that often times the educators are not properly trained or have the skill set as many educators in the upper class communities. Without bridging the gap between the two demographic communities there will always be a learning deficit in the poor communities, without proper preparation the minority students will lack comprehension skills to succeed in adulthood. This gap will continue to hold the minority children hostage to a future of poverty and perhaps become and remain unemployable. The No Child Left behind Act needs to be restructured to allow all students the advantage to be successful

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