Alice Monologue

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I lived in the Clark hotel,in the town close to Alice's farm.Alice is a beautiful girl.i would like to spend time with her.i worked as a well-driller for their farm. My father drove a dark-red truck that was always muddy or dusty. Alice and I climbed into the cab when it rained, and the rain washed down the windows and made a racket like stones on the roof. The smell was of men——their work clothes and tools and tobacco and mucky boots and sour-cheese socks. Also of damp longhaired dog, because we took Alice’s dog, Ranger, in with us. One day when Ranger was with us I chased a skunk, and the skunk turned and sprayed me. Alice’s mother had to stop whatever she was doing and drive into town and get several large tins of tomato juice, and I persuaded Ranger to get into a tub and we poured the tomato juice over him and brushed it into his hair. It looked as if we were washing him in blood. The river in August was almost as much as a stony road as it was a…show more content…
Once upon a time, Dad brought me to a town close to a farm in the spring and we would stay until he finished up whatever work he found to do in this part of the country. Then he would move on. There I met Alice. The well of her family was deeper than the most, but they need a good supply of water for their penned animals. My father’s work was to extend the hole down, down, deep into the earth until the water was found in the rock. Then we often played a game. It was a game of war. The boys had divided themselves into two armies that fought each other from behind barricades made of tree branches and water weeds. The chief weapons were balls of clay, about the size of baseballs. We squeezed and patted the sticky clay into as hard a ball as we could make, and there had to be a great many of these balls, because they were good for only one

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