My First Job

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Jason McDonnell Quentin Overton English 111 x April 24, 2014 My First Job My first job was that of a cattle rancher on our family ranch. As a kid I loathed having to work with cattle, fix fence and windmills. I learned to appreciate it later in life as I thought about how the experience shaped my work habits. My Granddad grew up in the sand hills of Nebraska on his father’s ranch. Grandma wanted to move to town, so the big ranch was sold and the one I grew up on was bought. My brother, sister and I had always been expected to do chores around the house and take care of the yard. Most brothers and sisters dislike each other from time to time, but we were family, we didn’t stay mad long, or else it would end up in a hand holding session out on the front porch. I'd spend the next 18 years enslaved to there. I worked every weekend and summer often sun up to sundown. There are no days off when you have a ranch. This upbringing provided a wonderful relationship with my Granddad. As I grew older and was eventually paid $300 a summer, I started to appreciate the pride that came with having money in my pocket. More importantly, I realized we were not only feeding our family but supporting a way of life. At the end of a long hot summer day came a strong sense of accomplishment as we finished up branding 215 calves. There were many days when personal plans had to be cancelled due to an issue on the ranch. Usually it was broken down equipment, broken fence, or a windmill that wasn’t pumping water. Those days were very trying but they taught me that work came first and play second. This made a big difference in my life how I treat work, and how I look at having fun. I often feel sorry for kids that didn’t grow up as I did, missing the opportunity to work on a family ranch and experiencing the ranching way of life. During calving season it’s all about riding up to the
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