Why the Magic Rack Is Good for Pool

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The Magic Rack has done what only a few other accessories have done for the game of Pool and that is, change the way the game is played, as well as how the players approach it. Billiard games Eight Ball, Nine Ball, and Ten Ball are the three most popular Pool games worldwide and all have been affected by the Magic Rack. Anyone that has played even one game of pool understands the trouble with a traditional rack is that after it is removed the balls can roll freely if there are any imperfections in the cloth or underlying slate. That goes for any of the other racking devices out there with exception of the Magic Rack. The Magic Rack is a thin plastic template 0.14mm thick that is laid flat on the table and the balls placed on top of it. After the break shot is taken and the balls come to rest simply remove the Magic Rack from the playing surface. One template can conveniently rack your choice of Nine Ball or Ten Ball. Eight Ball has its own template. Its design allows all the balls to touch, providing what is at the very least a consistent rack and by some the perfect rack. Other racks attempt this but are limited by the condition of the table; even new tables can allow the balls to move after a conventional rack is removed. Other racks that have come and gone like the Sardo M-5000 tight Rack which used slight downward pressure to set the balls was too limited by the table conditions. The Chameleon rack, a rack that has attachments to enable racking Eight Ball, Nine Ball, and Ten Ball the Delta 13 an aircraft tolerance machined aluminum rack, Brunswick centennial rack, The Master Rack; the list goes on and on. All of these examples have a seemingly debilitating limitation, the playing surface of the table itself. If the table is unleveled, slate warped, or dented, or the cloth worn than all these other racks become useless once removed from the

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