Albert Speer Essay

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Albert Speer Albert Speer was a German architect, who played a major part of World War Two. In 1931 Albert Speer joined the Nazi party, after hearing Adolf Hitler speak at a rally. Speer thought highly on the way he spoke to his followers , After Speer joined, Hitler liked his work an appointed him chief architect before assuming ministerial office .His architectural skills made him increasingly popular within the Party and he became a member of Hitler's inner circle in a short period of time. Speer was assigned to design and construct a number of structures, including the Reich Chancellery and the Zeppelinfeld stadium in Nuremberg where the Nazi party rallies were held. Speer also made plans to reconstruct Berlin on a grand scale, with huge buildings, wide boulevards, and a reorganized transportation system. When Troost died on the 21st of January, 1934, Speer immideatly replaced him as the Party's chief architect. Four years later Hitler appointed Speer as head of the Chief Office for Construction, after Speer was appointed his new role Hitler ordered Speer to make plans to rebuild Berlin. The plans centered on a three-mile long grand boulevard running from north to south. Speer had started this project but never finished due to the war. In January 1938 Hitler asked Speer to build a new Reich Chancellery on the same site as the existing structure, and said he needed it for urgent foreign policy Speer was successful in building the large, impressive structure in nine months, Speer had employed thousands of workers in two shifts. Hitler, who had remained away from the project, was overwhelmed when Speer turned it over, fully furnished, two days early. As General Building Inspector, Speer was responsible for the Central Department for Resettlement. From 1939 onwards, the Department used the Nuremberg Laws to evict Jewish tenants of non-Jewish landlords in
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