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Albert speer essay Albert Speer was born on the 19th of March 1905, In Mannheim, a German Industrial city near the French border. Albert was born into an upper class family, better known as haute bourgeoisie, whereby his family was amongst the wealthiest in the city. In 1923, Albert passed his arbiter examinations and received the top grade in mathematics which essentially gave him strong reason to consider a career as a mathematician but alternatively, he was persuaded by his father to study architecture, being the third generation in his family to do so. Due to the hyperinflation crisis of 1923, Speer was forced to attend the less elite institute of technology in nearby Karlsruhe, rather than one in Munich or Berlin. Despite this, by the following spring, the hyperinflation crisis had eased and Speer was able to transfer to the institute of technology in Munich and then again on to one in Berlin. It was here that Speer met professor Tessenow, who despite voicing his opposition to Nazism, his teachings in fact paralleled much of the Nazis nationalistic ideology. After graduating in 1927, Speer became Tessenow’s assistant and worked very closely with him. Despite being surrounded with negative attitudes towards the Nazi party, Speer was persuaded to attend a Nazi party rally on December 4th 1930. It was here where Speer first came under the powerful influence of Adolf Hitler. Speer was so captivated by Hitler’s speech, that he claimed he was ‘ so deeply moved by Hitler, he saw no need of reasoning behind needing to educate himself about the Nazi ideologies and policies before joining them.’ As a result, Speer officially joined the Nazi party on the 1st of March 1931. Speer’s first role in the party was as leader of the Nazi motorist Corps. By this point, Speer’s architectural career was going nowhere until an opportunity finally presented itself in

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