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Albert Speer, one of Adolf Hitlers closest companions, best friend and Architect of the Third Reich played a very significant role in regards to the Reich. Some even suggesting that he was second in charge, Speer began Architecture in 1927 after studying at a few institutions before completing his degree in Berlin. Arguably the most significant moment in Albert Speer’s career was when he was appointed “Minister For Armaments and Munitions”. Up until February 1942 Speer denied all involvement with the governance of the Third Reich, he was just Architect in a private practice with a client, friend and neighbour named Adolf Hitler. He was thrown into government on the 7th of February when the former “Minister of Armaments and Munitions”, Dr Fritz Todt, died in an plane crash. Hitler then appointed Speer his successor. His leadership style was a dramatic success for the Reich. Speer threw himself into the Reich at a time of utter chaos and turned it into one of the most powerful movements in history, this is why this could be considered Albert Speers most outstanding achievement. Another one of Speer’s outstanding contributions was becoming the principal planner of the German war economy and therefore producing thousands of front-line machines and heavy tanks. Speer built up around himself a very effective system to oversee the armaments industry. Speer dramatically increased the numbers of workers working in factories from 200- full time staff too over 10,000 of them. He assigned 40 key chairmen who reported personally to Speer, thus enabling him to intervene immediately if required. Speer has been described as having a ruthless approach to work ethics amongst the Reich in ensuring strict discipline and work patterns. These key chairmen were assigned to increase efficiency, investigate the work practices employed in factories and to see what improvements could

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