Al Gore Hero Essay

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Al Gore: Environmental Hero A hero is someone who is a leader. A hero is someone who does many acts to benefit others. A hero is a role model who does things not to be noticed, but because it is the right thing. One hero is Albert Gore Jr. Al Gore started as a hero by becoming a leader. He served his country in the army and worked as a newspaper reporter before being elected to Congress in 1976 (Al Gore (1948- ). He then moved up to Senate, and afterwards served as vice president under Bill Clinton (Al Gore (1948- ). This was one of his first acts of a leader. In 2000, Gore was selected as Democratic nominee for U.S. president, and ran with Connecticut senator Joe Liebermann (Al Gore (1948- ). He won in popular vote, but lost in electoral votes. Later, Al Gore dedicated himself to environmental awareness (Al Gore (1948- ). Al Gore is a very determined man who is trying to make the world realize “an inconvenient truth.” He is being a leader and trying to make America focus on important issues. One of Al Gore’s examples of leadership was when he wrote “An Inconvenient Truth,” and was later made into a movie. “An Inconvenient Truth” focuses on an important topic that we need to start paying attention to now- global warming. Many facts are stated and shown through graphs and research. The video and book also say how people are affecting the world and causing the earth to change. We can stop global warming by recycling, using less energy, and not polluting by using less fossil fuels (The Science). The movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” was a very eye-opening movie. The director, Davis Guggenheim, won an Oscar award for his excellent work on this movie (About the Film). Many facts that we can no longer ignore are pointed out in Al Gore’s book and film. Natural warming of the earth is caused by gases produced naturally that warm the surface of the planet and trap solar
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