Human Activity Does Not Influence the Global Warming.

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Human Activity Does Not Influence the Global Warming. A Critical View on The Climate debate. Our global temperature has ceased to rise for a couple of years now. The global temperature of 2007 has been statistically the same for six years.[1] Scientists believe that the winter of 2007-2008 played a dominant part in this piece of information. Since this season alone set back the entire global temperature rise of the last century, three quarters of a degree to be precisely. This has led to an old-fashioned winter: In Iran, eight people were frozen to death as they got trapped in their car, in Afghanistan almost five hundred people died due to the cold, China measured its coldest winter in fifty years and in Quebec, Canada, approximately five meters of snow came down from the sky- something which has never occurred before.[2] It is easy to just pick a couple of casualties and conclude that Al Gore was wrong. But it is more difficult to find a proper and scientifically correct cause for all of this. How is this possible? The world should have been much warmer according to Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. Today’s climatologists are more than ever concerned with the human influences on the climate change. Should we support these environmentalists? Or could it be that the human race does not have a participating role in this climate change. Our climate is a combination of numerous weather conditions and meteorological factors. Next to these primary factors, many scientists believe that this model is also influenced by the humans. This human influence on the global temperature is linked with the “ozone depletion” and the “greenhouse effect”. This depletion is infecting our ozone layer and could currently be described as a continent-sized hole. The depleted ozone layer causes an increased level of microwave radiation and ultraviolet light, which is
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