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Andrei Jungkman 4.1.10 Period 7 Have you ever been to an airport? Have you ever been through the long security lines and waiting to get to your terminal? Then you know how much security is actually in an airport. People can sometimes miss their flight due to delays when they go through security. There is too much security on unnecessary things. Airports should change some security measures around. Just because a person might have a banned object, it doesn’t actually mean that they might use it in a harmful way. A person could be just trying to get home and might not be able to because they have something that is not allowed on an airplane. I think that airports should look at the person that has the banned object before they don’t allow them to fly. Canadian airports are now working on behavior scanners to look at the person and determine if they are actually a threat or not. Some airlines actually ask people questions as they enter the airport to better know that person and where they are flying to. There is also too many precautions taken by security. People that are late to the airport because of traffic or something else may miss their flight because the security to get in the airport took too long and the flight went without them. If your flight is going to another country, some countries now require flights coming from other countries to press a button and see if you will have to have a random search on your entire luggage. This can greatly increase your time to get out of the airport and might make you miss a connecting flight or scheduled transportation. No matter how much security you put in airports, people can still find ways to sneak banned objects in. In a recent airport in Germany, a security tester managed to sneak 2 bottles of alcohol filled with soda bought at a duty free store. He had bought them; taken them

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