Screening At Airports

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Screening at Airports Yessenia Oseguera Englis 100 Yessenia Oseguera December 1, 2010 English 100 Shamshayooadeh Screening at Airports After the incident during 9/11 many people have started to doubt their security while traveling by plane. Many people feel that the way airports in the United States scan people for deadly weapons or explosives is not effective enough for them to be secure. The Transportation Security Administration has just recently introduced a new machine that virtually strips you down in order to check that you are not carrying anything that will put others in danger. If the passenger refuses to pa through this machine he or she will have to receive a pat down by the security guard at the airport. Some people are happy with these new methods because they feel like now they will be able to feel more secure and they prefer their privacy over their security. Other people believe that these new methods are way to excessive. I believe that there are pros and cons to everything and even though these new methods have pros to it I am con. I believe that people should not expose their privacy when they want to travel by letting a women or man feel on him, or expose their selves to excessive radiation every time the travel. I believe that Airports need to find a better way to secure their airports instead of virtually stippling down someone or almost rapping someone with their clothes on while thousands of people watch. The new screening at airports does have its advantages, people can know for sure that all the passengers on their flight do not by any chance have something that will put their life in danger. In the United States we have hundreds of airports with more than thousand of flights each day it is impossible to have a background check on a passenger in order to know if he has any criminal or terrorist history. We need to find a
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