'Expert: TSA Screening Is Security Theater'

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Timothy Martin March 26, 2012 Dr. Keenan Written Communication I Summary-Opinion Essay The article, “Expert: TSA Screening Is Security Theater” wrote by Lesley Stahl. It was originally published in the Newspaper on the December 21, 2008. It was updated on July 31, 2009. This is informative article and is written for whoever traveler as passengers that to letting people know about the TSA’s new technology at the airport. The purpose of the article is to make sure people to understand situations at the airport. The author’s thesis is TSA was setting the new technology of x-ray machine, but people were still complaining about new technology. First of all, Stahl says that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) developed the new technology to make them to be popular in the public. Additionally, author believes…show more content…
However, people were keeping complain about new technology. New technology would make them much safe than before. See what happened on 9/11 because that time, there was no new technology that they setting up at the checkpoint in the airport. Third reason article was wonderful point because TSA would protect them from the bomb in the airplane. That is why TSA setup new technology at the checkpoint. This would be better safe and everyone would not get hurt. Addition, new technology would make less crime and bomb too. In final analysis, author states passengers were still complaining about new technology. Addition, author shows that people were complain about taking off of their shoes, buckles, and coats. Also, author tells the behavior detection officers that passengers were complaining about. TSA have great points about the new technology that I respect them. Likewise, the passenger would need to feel safely in the airplane. That is why TSA setup new technology which is help you protect from the bomb. I was very respectful for

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