Phil 305 Bayer Case Study

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Phil 305 Bayer Case Study The case study that I previously wrote was about pharmaceutical company Bayer headed in Baytown, Texas. The case was particularly talking about company’s negligence towards safety issues that were constantly showing up. There were several dangerous events occurring in their factory where sizable number of people was injured or even died. The other issue was improper production of TDI plastic and especially it’s recycling what caused environmental issues like wastewater and air pollution. In the other hand Bayer Company in proud of their ethos, and they are presenting it through word LIFE. Each letter stands for Leadership, integrity, flexibility and efficiency. Those ethos are mostly based on company power and strength and definitely on their positive characteristic but are not based on any safety and environmental topics which should be their primary awareness. I should say that I was very surprised when I saw their ethos for the first time. There are a lot of companies today that are focusing their marketing on environmental protection, which can be very productive tool. Furthermore it is very hard to decide whether corporate change would gain better satisfaction or public promotion and reputation but as far as ethos I definitely agree that it would. In my opinion I would keep existing ethos since they are already recognizable for Bayer Company but would also add respect for environment and safety of workers. If company would truly believe in that ethos it will be more than expectable that outcome of the dilemma would be very different. First of all recycling process would be upgraded and safety would be guaranteed and most of issues won’t even exist if company would truly follow their ethos. At the end where Bayer was put in the corner with lawsuits they decided to develop better recycling program but still it

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