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Next starts off with a prologue that introduces a few of the characters and starts us on the plot of the book. We are shown the black market of genetics and how even the high rollers take a part in it. We also are shown how dangerous and risky it is by means of when Tolman killed himself rather than just turn himself into the law. It really sets the stage for the book and shows how the world is right now. The next two chapters included the court case of Burnet v UCLA. This chapter gives insight into the plot and was very interesting to read. Crichton’s writing style is shown off in this chapter and adds realism to the story. You also get the feeling of how Burnet is just a poor misled guy of which UCLA took advantage of. In these chapters you get into some of the legalities of genetics. These legalities also bring up moral issues that can and will arise from it. Burnet who was fighting for his life with a serious strain of cancer was taken…show more content…
Josh a worker at BioGen has to pick his brother, Adam, up from the courthouse. When rushing out of the lab he takes a container of a retrovirus that contained BioGen’s maturity gene. This gene, they felt, could lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s and be worth a lot of money. After Josh picks up his brother he has to stop at a gas station. While he is refueling the car his brother opens the container and breathes in the retrovirus. Josh is pissed but he thinks that the dose is too small to cause any damage. This chapter seemed to be very important. From the way things are going I would say there is going to be more to this incident than was just the one chapter. This chapter was also interesting, you learn BioGen has not only discovered a new gene but they are also going to try to market it. After I read this chapter I wondered if the dose might actually affect Adam, for one reason or another, because he has problems with drugs and showing up to court so it is like he is being

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