Hrm/531 Week 1 Business Shadow Project

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Business Shadow Project This shadow project was conducted on July 11, 2008. I chose to shadow a manager at the AirTran Holdings Corp. He holds a title of Senior Operations Manager at the Orlando, FL headquarters. I brought with me a rough list of questions that I would use to prompt him into more detail. On the day I shadowed him, it was already summer here, and thus the chances of storms was heavy. This always made any airline nervous, especially due to the lightning strikes to the region. Orlando is one of the leaders in lightning strikes in the nation, and thus pilots have to be very careful especially during this season. Company data: Company name: AirTran Airways is a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings and has the motto “sets the standard to be the best in everything they do, everyday.” AirTran…show more content…
The closest available pilot without a conflicting schedule was in Orlando, and needed to get to Dallas quick. The operations manager at the Dallas looked up the schedules on their intranet site and found the appropriate pilot. He then called the Orlando manager who got hold of the pilot. He then arranged for him to fly in the “jump-seat” on the next flight to Dallas. This is when the pilots or crewmembers fly on the extra seat in the cockpit, or in the cabin if it is not a full flight. There were a couple of more issues throughout the day, such as a flight attendant missing her flight because of being late, and a maintenance issue. The maintenance issue involved replacing one of the belts that drive the baggage carousel. This is a slightly different process since it is handled by the head of maintenance. This requires high technical proficiency, thus the manager just oversees the job. He authorized the purchase of a new belt and got word when the carousel was opened so that he could instruct the ground crew to route bags to

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