The Satire of the Canadian Airport

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The satirical video that I chose to write about is about airport security. The aspect of the Canadian society that is being satirized is the kindness, politeness, and precaution. In general, Canadian society is based on kindness, politeness,and meticulousness. Every day thousands of passengers pass through Canada’s airports making for an often hectic, and hurried pre-flight check-in experience for most passengers. From the carry-on baggage restrictions to the airport baggage screening procedures, airline passengers face a number of security checkpoint hurdles that can affect the time it takes for them to arrive at their departure gate. During the passengers pass through all of the security checkpoints, the security agents are trying to kind and polite to treat the passengers. There are many exaggerations in this video that is for conveying the satire. The security agent grabbed and threw the bag away from the passenger and said that he cannot carry the bag. Also the security agent asked the passenger to complete the rubric cube and if the passenger could not complete it, he would go for full strip search. The all of the process that the passenger went through in the video is not true. The federal government is changing the software on the full-body scanners used to provide security at airports so they no longer produce a complete outline of a passenger’s body. The actual Canadian airport is more polite, kind and don’t require to complete the rubric cube. The reason for the satire would be because United States thinks Canadian society is too extreme of their airport security. So they exaggerated the process to get into the airport. However the Canadian airport only requires needed process to make sure the security for all of the passengers. But there are some cases that showed the Canadian airport security agency exaggerated on process to get into the airport. One

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