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Distinction I have chosen to show the Aims and objectives of the company IKEA. I will then go on to discuss whether this company is meeting these Aims and Objectives. IKEA AIMS • Make a profit • To develop a strong and vital range • To offer outstanding prices • To improve their meeting with customers. • To continue to reduce prices and retain quality • To attract, develop and inspire • To take responsibility for their suppliers, workers and for the environment. • To retain the strength of the IKEA name IKEA OBJECTIVES • Improve their offers and discounts • Outstanding value for money • 10% volume growth per year • At least a 20% reduction in prices since 2010 • Improve on product quality • Selling more products…show more content…
The meeting with the customer is a pleasant experience for all, when you enter an IKEA store they are all laid out in the same manner. This is for ease of use to the customer offering a more homely, knowing feel to each visitor time and time again. Each customer benefits from the chance to see and feel many of their wonderful pieces in the environment they were created for. We get to visualize that new bed in a bedroom, or that new unit for the living room. Each department only inspires your mind to go further. IKEA even cater for the hungry customer in its Swedish restaurant with prices to shock, this being they are so cheap but so tasty. If the restaurant doesn’t take your fancy, they also have a snack bar at the exit for those wishing to sample a delight on the move after paying for their goods. Evidence that IKEA work for and towards a more environmental future. I have provided IKEA's evidence this being as it is the most adaptable way to understand their need to protect the environment and those that work for their company, IKEA stress time and time again, they are the future of business, and they have it the right way. Treat the environment right, the staff & the customer and many will return continuously over again with…show more content…
Third-party auditors complete over 1,000 audits a year to ensure all suppliers are following the guidelines. Audits are also done for all of IKEA's wood suppliers to make sure that all meet the minimum requirements which include no illegally harvested trees, no harvesting in uncertified intact forests and no GM trees. Currently 94% of IKEA suppliers meet the minimum requirements, with a growing number of suppliers becoming FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) certified. IKEA's long-term forestry goals aim for 35 per cent of its suppliers attaining this certification [Source: Ikea ]. To be FSC certified, these suppliers must follow the FSC principles: 1. Prohibit conversion of forests or any other natural habitat 2. Respect of international workers’ rights 3. Respect of Human Rights with particular attention to indigenous peoples 4. Prohibit the use of hazardous chemicals 5. No corruption – follow all applicable laws 6. Identification and appropriate management of areas that need special protection (e.g. cultural or sacred sites, habitat of endangered animals or plants) [Source: Forest Stewardship Counsel

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