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Ozark Furniture Company Patricia Diggs MAT 221 Introduction to Algebra Instructor Bridget Simmons April 29, 2013 The Ozark Furniture Company can only obtain at the most 3000 board feet of maple lumber. A classic Maple Rocker requires 15 board feet of maple lumber, while a Classic Maple Rocker requires 12 board feet of lumber. Write an inequality that limits the number of possible rockers of each type that can be made. First I will list the variables that I will use in the inequality: Let f= the number of classic rockers Let c=the number of modern rockers Seeing as a classic rocking chair uses 15 board feet of lumber, I will use 15f and because a modern rocking chair uses 12 board feet of lumber, I will use 12c. The amount of lumber which can be used is 3000 board feet because that is all the lumber the company can obtain. So the equation would look like this: 15f + 12c ≤3000 Now the question is how many of each type of rocking chair can the company make with the lumber they receive? There are so many different answers. Here are a couple of equations for the answer to that question. They could make 200 classic rockers. That would be 200(f)=3000. That means that they could make 200 classic maple rockers and have no lumber left. They could make 125 modern rocking chairs. That would be 125(C)=3000. That means that they could make 125 modern rocking chairs and have no lumber left. Now they could also make 100(f)+125(c) and have just enough lumber. By looking at the graph we can see that all they could make and still have enough lumber is any amount within 200 to 250 ranges. Anything outside the range cannot be made using the lumber that the company has on hand. On the x axis 200 is the most modern rocking chairs the company can make, and the 250 is the most classic rocking chairs that can be made. Also by looking at the graph you can see that any

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